31 July, 2019

The King of Wagyu

Offers & Discounts , Specials

Wagyu beef has long been regarded as the world’s premium and most expensive beef, but many in Japan would agree that Hida beef is even better. Hailing from cattle raised in the green pastures of mountainous Gifu prefecture, Hida-gyu has a magnificent snow-like, evenly distributed marbling that delivers a wonderful juicy, melt-in-the-mouth quality. The Hida Beef Brand Promotion Council strictly regulates the fat to muscle ratio, colour, texture and aroma, so only the finest beef makes the Hida Beef grade.

Come and judge for youself at Matsunichi in August and September!

Special offers:
1. Hida-gyu set
A grand seven-course Hida beef dinner exquisitely curated by our Japanese executive chef, $1,480 per person

2. Hida-gyu à la carte
30% off all Hida beef dishes on the main menu. Try it seared; on skewers; as sashimi, sushi, steak and rolls

3. Miyazaki wagyu bento (takeaway only)
Wagyu slices at lunch with soft-boiled egg and steamed rice, $98