1 June, 2020

Summer Bluefin Tuna Feast

Happenings , Specials

Coveted bluefin tuna imported from Ehime prefecture is the summer highlight at Matsunichi, delivering the sweetest of tastes. A tuna set menu, available in June and July, allows you to savour all the joys of fresh maguro. Carefully sliced from the inside of the fish belly, the fattiest part, otoro sashimi melts in the mouth, while cuts of the medium-fatty chutoro have a tender, delicate meatiness.


During Matsunichi’s “Summer Tuna Festival”, the prized bluefin also graces the à la carte menu, and these dishes are offered at a special 30% discount. Recommendations include Grilled tuna kama with salt, Simmered tuna cheek and Deep-fried spring roll with minced fatty tuna and scallion, each prepared in the traditional Japanese manner to optimise the tuna’s incredible umami taste.


Ehime Bluefin Tuna Set Menu $718 per person

Ehime Bluefin Tuna À La Carte 30% off